We can work independently or on your own servers if required. All we need is access to your Joomla platform to begin work.

Hosting is the task of connecting your website to the World Wide Web. This is easily done but in today's climate of required security, increased level of hacking and number of viruses, we have to be a little more careful and continually update software with the latest combating security updates. Also all Administry websites are installed with 'Akeeb backup software', which means you or we can back up and store your website off-line at regular intervals for piece of mind and smart website management as there are no guarantees at any hosting facility.
Using Administry recommended Hosting is tried and tested. We have been using Voice2net for the past 5 years and have established a good report with real people you can talk to.
   Hosting details
Australia hosting, an independent company from Administry offers a fast service with backups on rotating Daily, Weekly and Monthly basis. These are only restorable via the hosting backend system should the unthinkable happen. One of the main Data storage centers is offshore and the dedicated data center team maintains the security, updates, backups etc, run off Linux servers which are known for their security.