About Administry
We are a graphic design and website development agency

Our Mission

To investigate industry trends and available technologies. Become familiar with such standards to recommend and implement with our customers.

Our Values

Objectively innovate and empower our clients with suitable marketing and creative direction advice to promote there products or business.

Our Solution

Identify what is achievable, implement our experience, and utilise the current technologies to gain the required outcome.

Why You Should Join Us

Administry offers Creative Direction for your message...

1. What is it you want to achieve
2. What medium to use
3. What to say
 All this leads us to designing IMAGE whether for print or websites.
The correct image of your business or product should be the first thing to consider when marketing.
Best of all...IMAGE can be created.
Did you know that printed material requires high resolution artwork, while web only requires low resolution artwork?
Having the right artwork for the job will save in the long run and ensure correct reproduction whatever the medium.

When it comes to web, we use one of the worlds most popular site builder systems, we can design and build a website that you will own without any on-going purchase or contract fees. You will be able to make changes and keep your content up-to-date yourself, or because of the speed and ease of the CMS, changes and updates are quicker, therefore cheaper if you choose to employ outsource management.

We specialise in building websites from the plain and simple, to business applications and full on, e-commerce transaction and shopping carts.
Why do I need a CMS (Content Management System) ?

Even if you do not intend to learn or change the content on your website, the CMS system allows developers to manipulate, create and update content easier and quicker than having to write a website in HTML code. It opens the door to us taking advantage of being able to use all the pre- developed modules, components and programming from around the world.

 WEBMASTER CONTROL We have devised a three level training system for website management depending on your ability or requirement.
To be able to change and update text.
To be able to change and update text, update pictures and make links to other pages or pictures.
All above plus make new pages and add menu items.

Increasingly targeted audiences are becoming immune to the barrage of advertising they are subjected to each day. Marketers are having to become more and more sophisticated in their approach to delivering relevant and influential information and this is why your website can be one of the most economic marketing tools available in the world today.

Administry is an exciting fusion of experienced marketing, software and graphic design personnel who are dedicated to the production of quality website solutions tailored to improve your business communication that delivers results.

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